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Alison Grasso
Name: Alison Grasso

Where you’re from: Brooklyn, New York

What was your favorite beer experience during your internship?  Probably brewing with Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, just because it was such a unique experience that you'd never get to have otherwise. Plus, it was actually really educational and enlightening, and Sam is just such a cool guy and really fun to hang out with.

Are you still working with beer / breweries? What are you doing? I still visit breweries as often as possible and I still make videos for World of Beer and Tiny Beer Videos for fun. And of course I still drink beer and take photos of it relentlessly.

What benefits did you get from the Drink It intern program?  It was a great way to get a foot into the industry and learn more about something I'm definitely interested in pursuing from a media and documentary perspective.

What advice would you give this year’s applicants? Know your strengths and bring something unique to the table. Whether it's your personality or a unique visual style, it's not enough to just love beer and know how to talk about it!

What advice would you give the 2017 interns?  Don't be afraid to talk to people, and get the shot, but have fun and be in the moment.

Anything else you’d like to add? Definitely the best thing about the summer as a WOB Drink It intern was the people that I met in the beer industry and community. I made a bunch of new friends through the program that I never would've met otherwise, and I feel like this comradery and friendship is really what WOB is all about. Beer is wonderful, but I feel like the best thing about it is how it connects people.

Ben Lolli
Name: Ben Lolli

Where you’re from: Canton, OH

What is the most interesting thing you learned during your internship? Charles Wells Brewery use water from their well that they built in 1902. I’ve also learned to never judge a brewery by it's label. Go into everything with an open mind. Stay organized. Go with the flow and just have fun.

What benefits did you get from the Drink It intern program? Lots of delicious beer, VIP experiences and new awakenings. Experiencing the different types of beer in each location helped introduce me to new cultures and diversified my understandings. The history behind each craft beer can break down cultural barriers and create a bond over an ice cold brew. 

How did you spend your internship money?  Remodeling my kitchen and bought a sweet bike!

What advice would you give the 2017 interns? Just go with the flow and stay hydrated. I would also advise the new intern to build connections with people in the beer industry. Establishing these relationships have encouraged me to continue working in beer through my day-job brewing and bartending and making videos. I’ve connected with amazing resources, and am eager to further the next steps in my career.

Sum up your experience: My DrinkItIntern experience was an intense, whirlwind beer adventure that was full of surprises, festivals, characters, and lots of beer. This program was one to remember, and definitely an experience of a lifetime that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world.

Jamaal Lemon & Shep Jenkins
Name: Jamaal Lemon

Where you’re from:
Born and raised in Charleston, SC. Currently residing in Silver Spring, MD 

What was your favorite beer experience during your internship?
Seeing Pilsner Urquell's cellars, and the Czech beer culture as it related to how beer is poured, changed my perception of beer

Are you still working with beer / breweries? 
I am currently an Ambassador for Atlas Brew Works in Washington, DC. I'm a writer for the DC Brewers' Guild and "On Tap" magazine as a beer reviewer.

What benefits did you get from the Drink It intern program?
I have more experience understanding different styles of beer. Not to mention, i have seen some of the most historic and world renowned breweries and monasteries. I've also maintained many contacts from our travels domestic/abroad.  

What advice would you give the 2017 interns?
Have a blank slate coming in and soak it all in. Make friends wherever you go. Ask questions. 

Sum up your Drink it Intern experience:
 Finally, an industry I'm able to be myself. I was never the best student in school nor the best worker at my 9-5. Since the internship, I've had many opportunities to further my experiences in the field. Not to mention, someone recognizes me every now, and again as one of the winners.

Name: Myron “Shep” Jenkins

Where you’re from: Originally from Charleston, SC but currently living in the DC metro area for the last 10 years

What was your favorite beer experience during your internship? Going to Cooperstown, NY for Ommegang’s Belgium Comes to Cooperstown event was the highlight for me. It was a unique opportunity to drink beer from some of the best breweries in the world AND we got to go camping!

What benefits did you get from the Drink It intern program? I made a lot of helpful connections in the beer industry and not to brag or anything but a little bit of fame; I’ve been pointed out in bars and events. People have recognized me from the WOB videos. It’s kinda weird haha

How did you spend your $12,000 dollars? Surprisingly I was a responsible adult for once in my life and used the money to pay bills.

What advice would you give this year’s applicants? Just be yourself. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t a beer geek or expert. All you need to do is show that you’re passionate about beer.

What advice would you give the 2017 interns? It’s going to go by VERY fast so soak it all in and meet as many people as possible and take advantage of all the perks

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